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Feeding rations of duckweed to young layers

Here are a few duckweed sites that have been very helpful to me.

– For applications as animal and fishery feedstock as well as wastewater remediation, visit Dr. Lewis Landesman’s site

– For a detailed overview of duckweed biology, visit “The Charms of Duckweed” by Dr. John Cross

– A great report on the potential for duckweed, entitled “Duckweed: A Tiny Plant with Enormous Potential for Agriculture and Environment

– Results of a ground-breaking PRISM study in Bangladesh in the mid-90’s where duckweed was found to successfully remediate hospital wastewater and provide a major source of nutrition for a fisheries and poultry program.

– Paul Skillicorn’s website (Paul is one of the top duckweed experts in the world) showing current and evolving commercial wastewater treatment systems using duckweed. Very good ROI.

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