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Latest Duckweed Forum edition- Free access

October 7, 2016

Duckweed Forum   by ISCDRA.  Hot off the presses. This issue discusses duckweed as human food. I have an article in it about how to naturally control excess algae in a duckweed pond. Lots of new intel and research on all things duckweed.

Confession: I took the summer off from writing these posts due to getting heavily immersed in the commercial insect production industry. Not exactly duckweed but kind-of-sort-of. Am currently project manager for a global startup. Have traveled around the US, SE Asia and Africa this past year in behalf of the company.

The answer is YES, I have eaten bugs- fried crickets, grasshoppers, ants,  beetles, mealworms, and the biggest darn cockroaches you have ever seen. I have lived to tell the tale. (Hint: First time is the weirdest, then it gets really easy as they taste good!)


Diamond Mining in Arkansas 2016

Had some fun going diamond and quartz hunting in Arkansas this summer. Spent several camp outs under the stars with a good friend by lakes and rivers.

Now, I have an added spiritual dimension to my life that surfaced while in Uganda this past spring. So mind-blowing.  I have been doing a lot of work/play/exploration that has resulted in the makings of a full-blown book on multi-dimensional travel.

There. I said it. (Trust me, as a scientist, this made for lots of internal questioning and searching for physical proof. I have the proof now, thankfully.)   Woo woo and all,  I cannot recant. 🙂

Be the person you came here to be.


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  1. willy lozada permalink
    November 26, 2016 11:47 am

    Hi Tamra,

    Willy here, from Cebu Philippines, I read your article particularly on duckweed and this of course.

    Find it very interesting (duckweed) how it can solve food shortage issue.
    Accidentally this plants grows in my little water world(murag garden) with Guppy fish and Dwarf Sagittaria plants – not knowing this plant is of important value.

    I did search and try to understand what this very tiny plants is and got here. (What a coincidence.) Now in experimenting stage (growing with RCS).

    Wanted to drop by to note and say thank you.

    Looking forward to that spiritual journey of yours.



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