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Sorry, no Duckweed Right Now

December 10, 2015

For some reason, am suddenly getting many requests for fresh duckweed samples here in the early part of winter. Even though I made that offer two years ago and even  personally paid postage on envelope-sized amounts, am still willing to fulfil requests BUT with the following caveats:

  1. Wait until late spring (May) when my ponds are actively growing again.
  2. Send me your address in April or May along with….a. $2.00 for a tbsp of fresh duckweed in a zip lock bag in a regular envelope or b. $8.00 for as much as I can pack into a USPS small Priority box. (roughly 2 cups)   or  c. $90 for a five gallon bucket size (or shipping and container plus $30- whichever is cheaper)  This is a mixed species: Lemna turionifera and Wolffia minutia.
  3. For summer orders of solar-dried duckweed in lots of 1  kg to 1 metric ton, please email me at

On a perso1209150746.jpgnal note, am restoring my grandfather’s 80 year old rocking chair. Don’t have a bandsaw or I’d make replacements for the broken wood pieces. My grandfather  spent most of his senior waking and napping hours in this rocker. Fond memories.



Oh yes, and a VERY fun project- am brewing my first-ever batch of Christmas cheer- a Pilsner in a five gallon bucket.




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  1. February 24, 2022 3:12 pm

    Its spring 2022 I would also like to know if 5gal buckets of duck weed will be avadiable this spring?


  2. Mish permalink
    May 18, 2020 11:29 pm

    It’s 2020 and things are crazy. I ran across your website while looking up greens that I could grow for feeding rabbits, since getting decent timothy hay is near impossible right now, between the corona and a local drought that crashed the start of the first-cut hay harvest. As I’ve seen it recommended for both poulty and dairy cattle, is duckweed only suitable as a protein-replacer or does it have a decent fiber amount as well? (Rabbit need at least 18-20% fiber in their diets).

    Living in the tropics myself, I’m surprised that no one here is using duckweed for anything, given what I’ve read about it and how immediately applicable it would be. Are samples of your plants still available? And might you have a link to any posts about how you went about sun-drying your duckweed?


    • May 19, 2020 2:59 pm

      My “How to dry 100 lbs of duckweed” article is a good start for you. Fiber runs 10-15% but varies with species. Sorry, I am not offering duckweed starts at the moment. Hope you can source some locally grown dw and get rolling on your project.


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