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Latest ISCDRA Duckweed Newsletter Now Available

April 9, 2015

While some of you may be scratching your heads at why I would include a link to this particular newsletter- (After all, don’t you have enough to read without wading through fifty pages of science and news stories about duckweed???) this is one newsletter that means a whole lot to me.  I have been on a team developing it from the ground up, two years ago. My contributions have included interviewing duckweed movers and shakers, writing articles, and being part of an editing team led by the world’s foremost duckweed researcher, Dr. Klaus Appenroth. Also on the active role as team member- Eduardo Mercovitch from MamaGrande in Argentina.

I’ve learned a whole lot about what it takes to develop an early-stage scientific journal. Yes, sometimes our team pulls their hair out over deadlines, etc… but it has been a labor of great love and greater purpose- chronicling the development of what promises to be one of the top sustainable solutions to global food and water shortages. It’s been truly an honor. Hope you readers enjoy the articles and catch the excitement/struggles/awe that all captivated by duckweed experience every day.

Here’s the link to the newsletter.

Special note to Klaus and Eduardo- Can hardly wait to see you both at the Kyoto conference July 3-6 of this year. We will have to have a special toast to pulling together this unique newsletter eight times thus far.  It has truly been an honor to work with you both.

As for everyone reading this, the third  International Conference on Duckweed Research and Applications is officially open for call for papers and general registration. If you are a duckweed researcher or interested in networking business opportunities in duckweed- this is YOUR event. Right now we cannot grow enough and won’t be able to for thirty years- the demand is that great.

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