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Free Webinar on Duckweed for Fish and Poultry Farming

April 4, 2015
Attention:  Fish and Poultry Farmers,
Love saving money on feed costs and raising healthier fish and poultry? We do too and that is why we LOVE duckweed.
If you’ve ever wondered the following:
– What’s all the fuss about duckweed anyway?
– How to wild harvest duckweed for feeding to chickens or tilapia
– How to raise tilapia and duckweed in a win/win integrated system
– How to raise duckweed in a small pond using animal waste
– How much duckweed should be fed to fish or poultry?
We’ve assembled a panel of hands-on experts to describe the “How To’s” and answer your questions.

David Beebe of Cherry Ridge Organic Farm, Middlebrook, VA. David raises tilapia and uses duckweed to “mine” the resulting waste nutrients from his fish tanks. He then returns those nutrients back as fresh feed for his tilapia, reducing his feeds costs by a large percentage

Ken Carman, naturalist and manager of Roxbury Park, Meggett, SC.    Ken has wild-harvested hundreds of tons of free duckweed for feeding to chickens and as mulch for his park. He’ll talk about his methods for duckweed harvesting and how his poultry have responded since adding fresh duckweed to their diets.

Meet Dr. Louis Landesman, “Dr. Duckweed” who is known around the world for his expertise on integrated farming systems that include duckweed. He will explain how to design your own integrated system that reuses nutrients and water over and over with the engine power of the sun.

It’s going to be an information-packed hour!  Have questions for the panel to incorporate into their presentations? Email them  to Tamra Fakhoorian, host, ahead of time.  There will be a dedicated Q and A session during the webinar as well.
 ILA Webinar:   Tuesday, April 7th,  2015  Noon Eastern  (New York time zone)   
For our international friends, try this time zone converter for easily calculating event time:

Note: This meeting will be recorded.  Participation limited to the first 20 responders.   RSVP to meeting host,
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