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Lasagna Method of Duckweed Compost

June 10, 2014

Recipe for Lasagna Duckweed Compost


Ten pounds old newspaper/cardboard scraps

One wheelbarrow full of fresh dripping wet duckweed

Three broken bales of old rotting hay or straw

five gallon bucket of kitchen scraps (optional)


Site your compost pile near your garden if possible or IN your garden as in sheet composting between rows you don’t plan on walking on much initially. Layer 2 inch layers of each ingredient on top of each other and repeat until all ingredients are used up. Be sure to top off with either duckweed or the hay/straw layer. Water in until water begins to drain from bottom of pile. The duckweed will continue to retain water for the pile for the next few weeks as it heats up and decomposes. No need to turn this pile as the layers allow for air circulation.

Note: Duckweed is the nitrogen boost for the carbon layers of hay and paper/cardboard.




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