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Duckweed Lab Taking Shape

February 21, 2014

If you’ve been following my story for the past couple of years, you’ll know I have the tendency to go the DIY route as often as possible.  I get a lot done on a nickel but spend a heck of a lot of time on construction that probably could be better spent soliciting investors or finishing that duckweed manual. So it goes…

My duckweed lab in early December went from an old office prefab

My duckweed lab in early December went from an old office prefab












To fixing many holes in the drywall,









To painting the walls and plywood floor, then begin building base cabinets for the sink area,













Then installing the counter, counter top, sink, and running water. FYI: The sink drain DID get adjusted so drain water runs downhill. 🙂










Then building base face frames, buiding,hanging, and varnishing the doors and hanging some prefab upper cabinets, and THEN whew.. painting the floor one last coat

















For now, I’ll simply use folding tables for work space and drag in a small desk. When it gets hot, I’ll put an old window AC unit in the wall to the right of the upper cabinets.

My kids will be thrilled that I am moving all my lab stuff out of our home kitchen. One of my daughters looked at this picture today and muttered, “When is OUR kitchen going to look that finished?”

Ouch. She is right. My problem, other than procrastination, is that my tools are there and I need them here. End of story.

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