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GreenSun is Moving to New Digs

October 14, 2013

I worked furiously today on dismantling my solar tunnel. Am moving it to my new production facility, hopefully before local strains of duckweed go dormant for the winter. The solar tunnel is 20 x 50 ft long and will now be morphed into a greenhouse. It’ll get set up in a wind-protected area behind the facility. Might use it for added heat in the main building as well. Free heat. Why not??? This is supposed to be a sustainable company, after all. ūüôā

Electricity and water gets turned on tomorrow. A crew is coming to help me prep the building and surrounding area. My TO DO list is two pages long and I dare not leave one location without checking my list twice for the hastily scribbled mini lists with items such as “DON’T FORGET THE WRENCH SET AGAIN!!!!” and “Pack drinking water and food or you will not be worth anything by 2:00pm.” Am excited because¬†¬†I will have a clean room at this facility and plan to continue my research on optimal strains, growing conditions, and continued animal testing (in a really good way- no worries)

Right now I rattle around in this 22,000 sq ft. building and feel rather ridiculous at claiming all this space for my little company. I recall what it was like early in my marriage when we only had three toddlers and had just moved into a 5,000 sq ft home. I can still hear the echoes of Tonka trucks banging on the tile floors and the screams of delight that amplified to mega decibels from happy youngsters careening on tricycles from room to room.  It seemed like it took no time at all to fill up all that space with our lives, furniture, and eventually nine kids. In the latter years, we seriously thought about maybe building on a couple more bedrooms as we were so crowded.

This is that time all over again. I envision where the processing line will go, where the packaging line needs to be, the warehouse, the lunch/hangout room, the shipping dept, the offices… ¬†Hope it all grows so fast, I need to expand or move within a couple of years. ¬†I’ll have a wonderful team of co-workers by then. So, for now, I savor this peculiar moment in history when it’s just me and my vision.

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