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Sushi by David

October 4, 2013

My son, David had a dream at age seventeen. He wanted to be a home owner before he turned twenty. He scrimped and saved from his day job as a drug store employee for two straight years. I’ve never seen a teen so focused on home ownership.

Last summer at age nineteen, he realized his dream with the purchase of a very nice little  starter home. Red shutters, white siding, and flower beds with the drifting scent of four o-clocks by the back porch. He moved in with much family fanfare. We were so proud of him!

David began casting around looking for his next mountain to climb. Not long ago, he invited me over for a dinner party. Below you’ll see his  first course. He decided to learn how to make sushi on his own and practiced until he mastered it. I don’t know whether I’m more proud of him for becoming a wonderful adult or the fact that he has mastered  far more than homeownership and sushi. My son has discovered the innate joy of choosing a vision and working at it non-stop until it is reality.  I can hardly wait to see what he choses next! 🙂

Sushi by David

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  1. October 6, 2013 11:34 am

    Thanks Kim! Maybe I need to devote a blog to whiz kids that I run across. Teens have their own unique brilliance that the rest of us tend to overlook. I am learning to open my eyes and appreciate them for who they really are. It’s a whole new world!


  2. October 5, 2013 8:27 pm

    Another whiz kid! And your very own son even. Way to go, David!


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