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Yaught Gets a Paint Job

September 4, 2013

I painted a spiffy two coats of Lowe’s finest acrylic latex on Yaught’s plywood decking today.  For those of you who do not know Yaught’s story, this is the first pontoon boat I have ever designed. My ex did the metal work. Yaught is a solar-powered boat.  Note the solar panel on the roof. The solar system has consistently supplied plenty of trolling energy all summer long. My first homemade boat- I’m a sentimental old fool over it, even if it looks, well, out of proportion shall we say? It is shady, tall enough that I don’t bang my head and keeps the rain off me while I work on the pond.  I love how the green of the duckweed pops against the white decking and blue roof and sky above. I get to enjoy this view all day long as I work from shore.

Yaughts new paint job

Below you’ll see my project for the past three days; building a solid platform for my new washing/dewatering conveyor.  Not that it took three whole days… It was a cinch to build but I could only work on it in bits and pieces.

Many thanks to Ron Putt for his brilliant engineering work. I can hardly wait to get this conveyor up on the decking and hooked up. It will make my life a lot easier. I’ve done manual washing and dewatering all summer and I’ve got the muscles and waterlogged hands to prove it!

By the way, I am hosting a tour of my duckweed farm on Saturday, Sept 14 from 10-2pm Central. Come on out and experience what it is like to grow, harvest, and dry 1,000 pounds of wet duckweed at a time using primarily solar energy. RSVP   Location: Western Kentucky

New deck for dw washer

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