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Duckweed and Goldfish- a love story

March 20, 2013

I feed my goldfish delectable $7.00 a jar goldfish flakes. They leap for it, gobbling greedily. I think they are sated, in fact I’m SURE they are sated. Then I drop in some fresh duckweed and it’s like they are starving all over again. They leap for it to the point of splashing water out of their aquarium. Maybe they are starving… for some fresh beta-carotene or minerals or something. All I know is they eat a good thing when they see it.

SWEET POTATO SPROUT UPDATE: I now have 10 slips that have rooted from my test potatoes. It’s going to be a fun summer of watching them take off in the garden. I sent an email off to Mother Earth News about it and all I got back was a “I have routed your article idea on to our editors.” Guess my solution to sprouting treated sweet potatoes isn’t as exciting to everyone else as it is to me. Hmm…


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  1. Susan Munroe permalink
    March 20, 2013 6:00 pm

    I guess all creatures like fresh food! I know my chickens and ducks love the duckweed. The ducks nearly decimated my Lemna. I thought it was high enough so they couldn’t get to it.

    I have some root nubbins forming on my single Vit. C-treated sweet potato. But it’s so cold here, that might have something to do with it. I bought some more and did the Vit C soak, and have them vertically in jars with toothpicks, but nothing yet.

    Odd thing: when I was treating them, I rinsed them first, then set them (one at a time) in a jar of Vit C solution for 15 minutes. Then I took them out and rinsed them, and set them on the rack in the sink. Each one gave off a kind of visible “vapor”. None of the water was warm enough to cause that, and the room was warm enough. Very strange.

    Questions: when you started your tubers, did you have them in sunlight or not? I was wondering if I should, though I haven’t got much.



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