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The last 20% of Kitchen Remodel is a Killer

December 29, 2012

I broke all records remodeling my kitchen to usable status just before Christmas. Now as I am faced with face frame detail, going “Euro” or old fashioned on door hinges and how to finish out below a corner sink- I’d rather just pour another cup of coffee and come in my office and write a blog about it. That is why this is short. I’m pre-patting myself on the back. I’m going back in there and finish the job to 110%. Us 80 percenter DIYers know what a killer that last 20% is to finish up…

As a reward, I’m planning to then jump on my neat perk projects like multi-layered overhead bamboo ceiling art for a lighting system over my penninsula and the Chinese patterned window frames for my top row of upper cabinets. First the cake, then the icing- right?

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