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DIY: Fireplace Mantel

September 9, 2012

We’ve had to stare at ragged edges of drywall around the fireplace for the past year and it’s been quite an eyesore. I decided to tackle a mantel over Labor Day weekend. I studied up on several different designs and melded a few together. The hardest part was deciding on dimensions as they had to be tailored to the opening of this particular firebox.

I purchased finished pine and several types of trim. If you look close, you’ll see my hand-routed pilasters. If I had a decent tabletop saw, I’d go all out and route my trim as well, but alas, my table top saw died and I don’t want to buy a new one just yet. I had to dig out a book on trim carpentry because I totally forgot how to make the cuts for the beveled trim.

I did not hand carve the designs although I have done simpler designs. The top shelf is made from a 1×12. I cut it down and routed the edges. I’ve got a bit more trim work to do, then set nails, putty, sand the tar out of it and paint it a semi-gloss white to match the rest of the trim work in my living room. Am going to get some granite or tile for the surround, and replaster (reconcrete?) the back wall of the firebox. Am tired but happy with having gotten this far.



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