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Masons on a Mission video finished

July 11, 2012

Last January I traveled to Guatemala and joined up with a volunteer team of brick masons and helpers from the US and Canada to build efficient cooking stoves made from local materials for 34 poor Mayan families in the San Marcos de Laguna region. It was a profoundly moving experience to watch mothers and grandmothers run their hands lightly over the tile surface of their freshly built concrete stove with tears of gratitude in their eyes. These women would never again have to squat on the ground in front of smoky, open fires in their one room homes. Never again would they be forced to breath in carbon monoxide and carbon particles as they prepared their family’s meals. No longer would they be subject to the effects of intense indoor air pollution; blindness, respiratory illnesses, and shortened lifespans. Their children will be healthier as well.  As an added bonus, their new long-lasting stoves will burn quite cleanly with twice the efficiency of open fires.

I made a video describing Maria, one of these Mayan women and how Masons on a Mission built her a stove. At the end, I urge listeners to donate or volunteer to join our team when it goes to Guatemala every January. All donations go directly to the purchase of raw materials for stoves. Everyone on the team pays for their own travel and living expenses while in Guatemala so there is little to no overhead. The estufas (stoves) cost around $150 each but will last for at least twenty years.  Please give my video a watch, leave a comment and go to the website if your heart moves you.  The website is being renovated so don’t mind the construction. The pics are new ones from this year’s trip and worth a view.  Thanks for watching!

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  1. venus brightstar permalink
    July 17, 2012 9:25 am

    You go girl am proud of you.
    call me am on a journey on creating this magical Green House to assist Domistic Violent Women from all parts of the country from Resevation and shelter.


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