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Duckweed gets a New Home

May 26, 2012

Spent this morning netting all the duckweed from my kiddie pools and bin containers. Drained all the containers and moved to their new site down in the valley. Did the same with my algae pools. Hated to have to start over with city water as most of my pools contained added creek water with its balanced alkalinity, hardness, pH, and NPK. I added burlap bags of composted cattle manure to all and will follow up with micro-nutrients, et all tomorrow.

Why would I go to all this trouble when it’s been so easy to monitor all my pools just outside my front door? I want, no I NEED flat terrain as in a patio, deck, garden in full sun, a flat spot for an above ground swimming pool for the kids and sigh… a sidewalk that doesn’t consist of a well-worn path beaten through the grass of the front yard. All my property slopes downhill, so I am going to terrace it all around the perimeter of the house, staying away from all my beautiful trees and their drip zones. I rented a Bobcat and my brother will be here on Monday to do the earthworks. Thanks a million, Mark! The Shock Top is chilln.

My prior duckweed green mulch test turned out amazing. The plants that I mulched with fresh Lemna minor have grown 30% taller then their oak leaf and grass clipping counterparts. Additionally, my duckweed mulched tomatoes have set the most fruit. That’s the good news. The bad news is that tomorrow morning I am going to have to dig them all up, wrap root balls in wet newspaper and keep in the shade while we move dirt around in the yard. I’m moving my entire garden to a new spot. I know this’ll wreak havoc with my tomatoes and herbs but have starter plants on the back burner should my larger plants find the 95 degree heat and new surroundings too much to take. Am planning to use spare duckweed as a bottom filler of each transplant hole I dig.

August weather in May. No rain. Grass drying up. Newly sprouted corn 10 inches tall and wilting. Dry heat and tiger lilies blooming like crazy. Only have to mow once every month. Very. Very strange weather.


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