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Green Mulch with Duckweed

March 30, 2012

Today I mulched the first of my tomatoes with about 2 inches of fresh duckweed.

Left half of them non-mulched, just for comparison. The mulched ones look happier already.

I also bit the bullet and called a landscaper. There is not a flat spot on my entire property- it all slopes southward.  I bought this home a year ago and have been focusing on remodeling the house itself to be near-zero energy. Now it’s time to focus on the exterior and boy, I have a great list!

– Outdoor wood fired earthen or brick oven

– Chinese deck

– In-ground duckweed ponds (3 at least) terraced garden area

– Solar hot tub in a gazebo

– Japanese garden

– At least four very cool tree houses in my woods

I’ve got pics of everything. Haven’t priced all this out yet but if I have to, will do all the labor myself.

Correction on duckweed roots: First though, a disclaimer. I don’t know everything there is to know about duckweed. Just when I think I’m getting close, I find out I’ve got a lot to learn. Here is a prime example: I did not know that duckweed roots do not take up very many nutrients. Roots are there for drag or anchoring effect to keep the fronds from drifting around so much. Nutrients are mostly absorbed by the underside of the fronds. Root length is still indicative of poor nutrient loads in the water, but why that is, I do not know. A good question for my researcher friends.

Live, learn, and hang in there!


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