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Wood-fired Pizza Party Success Story

March 17, 2012

I threw my first wood-fired pizza party last night.

Between manning a hot fire in my Forno Classico oven and cautioning the kids to  not go overboard on toppings repeatedly, without success… Oh well…  I could only pause once in a while to drink in the happy energy of everyone packed into what I previously thought was a large kitchen. Several tweenage girls kept breaking out into Selena Gomez songs and dances in front of the sink. My boys concocted pizzas with video game-like concentration. Somehow a baby stroller got parked in the mix and right then and there, I made a mental note to self.

Redesign the kitchen traffic flow to:

A. Accommodate guests making their own pizzas while..

B. Allowing ample space for the pizza oven watchers and…

C. Create a side counter to plate up finished pizzas so you don’t trip over baby strollers.

I didn’t actually trip but came close. There were a couple of real mishaps. One pizza was so top-heavy, it did not gracefully slide into the oven as planned. It flopped in, half-upside down and became a fascinating spectacle of bubbling tomatoey goo on the floor of the oven. The kids ate it anyhow and the heat from the coals burned off the rest of the mess.  Oh, and the pizza I proudly served my eldest son. It was a perfectly baked speciman with a large black ember stuck to the crust. My son casually picked it off and blistered his finger in the process!

 It has been 80 degrees outside lately. I’m hoping for cooler spring weather so I can have a couple more gatherings before summer arrives. Then I’ll build an oven outdoors and be all set, summer and winter. Once you’ve had a wood-fired pizza, you’ll never want to have it any other way.

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